You may book Maxine for the following roles for your event: Speaker, Singer, Host.

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Maxine Chang Reyes- Speaker, Singer & Host

Maxine Chang Reyes is a Speaker, love & inspiration Singer/Songwriter, and Host. She has performed at high profile national and international events at popular venues. Her songs are heartfelt. Her desire is to be sincere is admired in all that she does.  She intent with her music to inspire and encourage the world to embrace love and kindness.

She is admired for her giving nature, inspiring life story, enthusiastic personality, and sparkling and infectious smile. Her positive and encouraging attitude has affected those she has led and has earned her numerous speaking engagements.

Maxine’s charisma, ability to engage people in conversations and vibrant aura has granted her the blessing to be a sought after Mistress of Ceremony and Narrator.

Maxine does not believe that artists should be labeled under a specific genre unless that artist desires. She believes that God has blessed her with multiple gifts which she should not only share one, she should share them all through her music and speaking events. fullsizerender1

The Courageous and Graceful Life